16. 2. |  thu


Opening Ceremony

Rent-a-cat |  レンタネコ | Rentaneko

režie OGIGAMI Naoko, 2012, 110 min.

Poetical everydayness – and cats which can fill in holes in people’s hearts … A typically Japanese genre picture where feels prevail over story, made by a popular director of films such as Glasses (Eigasai 2013), Toilet or Kamome Diner, celebrating her 45th birthday on the eve of the film screening.

17. 2. |  fri


Rakugo Story  |  落語物語 |  Rakugo monogatari

directed by HAYASHIYA Shinpei, 2011, 111 min.

An exaggeration of a real story about becoming a professional rakugo story teller, a unique project by a director who also happens to be a rakugka – in other words he knows what he’s talking about. The first film ever where all the relevant roles are portrayed by famous professional story tellers.


Hair Extensions  |  エクステ |  Exte

directed by SONO Shion, 2007, 108 min.

A wild fantasy horror with elements of comedy about manipulating with a soul which, according to the traditional Japanese beliefs, resides in hair. An exquisite piece from director of the Suicide Club (Eigasai 2015) for those who aren’t afraid to perceive reality as well as horror outside the box …

18. 2.  |  sat

12:30 - 17:30

Family workshops of traditional Japanese Arts and Crafts |  Marble hall  |  FREE ENTRY


The Round Table  |  円卓 こっこ、ひと夏のイマジン |  Entaku

directed by YUKISADA Isao, 2014, 113 min.

A wittily amusing film for the entire family, with just as witty camera work and editing, about how a 3rd grade girl, whose life motto is ‘loneliness’, manages to analyse that complicated world of adults and its sophisticated terminology.

Kyōgen farces / lecture „Traditional Laugh in Contemporary Japan |  Cinema Great Hall

Lecture „Traditional Laugh in Contemporary Japan“ by leading Czech specialist Ondřej Hýbl will be followed by performance of two kyōgen pieces (Kuchimane and Kōji / Kyōgen Theatre Brno) and a small workshop of laughing techniques for everybody. (in Czech language only)



Floating Castle   |  のぼうの城 |  Nobō no shiro

directed by ISSHIN Inudō, SHINJI Higuchi, 2012, 145 min.

A monumental period fresco about the ‘comedy’ dimension of relationship to people and the world being sometimes able to become a major mover of history. It takes place in 1590, at the time of Hideyoshi’s campaign for unification of Japan. The lead role is brilliantly portrayed by a famous star of the traditional genres of kyogen and noh NOMURA Mansai.

19. 2.  |  sun

12  - 15:00

Manganime symposium |  Marble hall  |  FREE ENTRY


Time Scoop Hunter  |  劇場版タイムスクープハンター - 安土城 最後の1日 -   |  Taimusukūpu hantā

directed by HIROYUKI Nakao, 2013, 102 min.

A sci-fi comedy with elements of historical pseudo-documentary about an investigative journalist travelling through time to hunt down his scoops … One of the typical examples of a successful TV series being transformed into a popular feature film.

Musical happening with taiko drums |  Cinema Great Hall

Since the time of first Eigasai a performance by the Czech group Wadaiko yosa-yosa (practicing the traditional way of wadaiko drums playing) and its guests is always one of the festival accompanying events. This year's guests will be shamisen player SATŌ Kenya and Marek MATVIJA on the shakuhachi bamboo flute.



Many Happy Returns  |  教祖誕生 |  Kyōso tanjō

directed by TENMA Toshihiro, 1993, 95 min.

KITANO Takeshi, a director admired abroad, with laurels from most major festivals, an adored entertainer and a celebrity in Japan, this time around however the author of and a lead actor in a satirical flick about a spiritual fiction unexpectedly turning into reality …

20. 2.  |  mon


ST - The Red and White Investigation File  |  映画「ST赤と白の捜査ファイル」 |  

ST Aka to shiro no sōsa fairu

directed by SATŌ Tōya, 2015, 110 min.

Only a year ago this might have been a fantasy, today it’s reality. An action thriller with elements of comedy – a story of a mysterious creator of a sophisticated computer virus with an elite ‘scientific’ commando (the ST stands for ‘Scientific Task Force’) on his trail.

21. 2.  |  tue


The University of Laugh   |  笑いの大学  |  Warai no daigaku

directed by Mitani Kōki / HOSHI Mamoru, 2004, 120 min.

YAKUSHO Kōji, originally a city council officer, and his brilliant acting at its best: An unfurnished room at the ‘Culture Office’ and a showdown between a humour censor with a vaudeville playwright. A satirical film about propaganda paradoxically censoring a mediocre play into an absolute gem …

22. 2.  |  we


Samurai Cat    |  猫侍  |  Neko-zamurai

režie YOSHITAKA Yamaguchi, 2014, 100 min.

A period comedy about feared samurais who in the time of peace had to resort to such degrading jobs as cat sitting in order to make ends meet. Sometimes however a cat’s life may be worth almost the same as the life of a prince.


It's tough being a man 15: Tora-san Meets the Songstress Again

  男はつらいよ 寅次郎相合い傘   |  Otoko wa tsurai yo

režie YAMADA Yōji, 1975, 91 min.

Japanese humour without Tora-san would be just like Czech one without Švejk. 48 stories of the good-natured ‘dandy’ from the Tokyo’s Katsushika ward were filmed between 1969 and 1995. Tora-san has become an icon to which at least two generations of Japanese look up when they feel down and out.

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